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Tributes: Sam Kinison

He sneered, snarled and shrieked. Assaulting his audiences with insults – and parlaying his outrageous brand of humor into numerous television appearances and his own HBO special.

Sam Kinison: The Last Laugh

One evening soon after Sam Kinison’s tragic death in a senseless auto accident, the marquees of every nightclub on the Sunset Strip blazed with farewell messages in memory of the fun loving evangelist-turned comedian.

Sam Kinison Last Stand

On April 10, 1992, almost a year after delivering that routine on HBO, Sam Kinison was killed in a head-on collision on that same stretch of arid desert road between Needles and Barstow

Tranquilizers, Cocaine Found in Kinison’s System

Comedian Sam Kinison had traces of cocaine and tranquilizers in his system when he was killed in a head-on collision last month, an expert who reviewed autopsy findings said.

Tribute: Sam Kinison (1953-1992)

“SAM KINISON was absolutely fearless,” says Robin Williams. “He was like a comedy combination of Chuck Yeager and Evel Kneivel.

Teen in Crash Used Alcohol, CHP Says

A Las Vegas teen-ager who drove his truck into comedian Sam Kinison’s car had been drinking alcohol before the fatal collision, authorities said Monday.